Programme 2023

The Call for Papers is closed

Exciting topics - international speakers!

The Call for Papers of the Abstracts for Presentations has ended. The decision and selection of submissions by the Scientific Advisory Board is currently in the final phase.

In January 2023, all submitters will receive confirmation and the detailed programme will be published.

  • Make a note of the date of EEHE 2023 on 13-14 June 2023 in Essen.
  • The conference language is English.
  • Look forward to a highly topical conference with exciting specialist presentations, an exhibition area and a scientific poster exhibition.

The programme

The programme is currently being compiled from the numerous submissions in the Call for Papers. Look forward to a diverse, up-to-date and exciting mix of the topics that move the industry.

Main topics

Future E/E Architectures for Passenger Cars and Commercial/Agricultural Vehicles

  • E/E Architectures, Topologies and Systems for
    • Hybrid/Electric and Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Vehicles
    • Reliable Power Supply Systems for Automated Driving and X-by-Wire
    • Domain, zonal and centralized Architectures
  • Electrical Charging Systems and Vehicle-to-X
  • High Voltage Safety and Standards
  • Future Voltage Levels (48V/400V/800V)
  • Interoperability and EMC Challenges

Energy Management in future E/E Architectures

  • Electrical Energy Management and Operating Strategies
    • Control Strategies for improved Efficiency
    • Diagnostics and Safety
    • Connectivity, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security
  • Battery Management Systems & Algorithms
  • Energy Management for Vehicle-to-X (Grid, Home, Device)

Components for future E/E Architectures

  • Components for Energy Storage, Power Distribution and Conversion
    • Converters, Chargers and Inverters
    • Semiconductors and Passive Components
    • Wiring Harnesses and Connectors
    • Integration
  • New Technologies and Materials for Power Electronics and the Requirements for Qualification, Reliability and Robustness

Focus topics 2023

  • Standardization for future charging systems (e.g. megawatt-charging, bidirectional charging) and its influence on vehicle systems
  • High Voltage safety and EMC
  • Efficiency of electrical systems
  • BEV/FCEV-architectures (e.g. how many batteries and voltage levels)
  • Impact of dedicated BEV/FCEV systems on the low voltage vehicle architectures
  • Fuel Cell Vehicle Systems: Technical Aspects, Technologies and Components
  • High Voltage and 48 V Components and Systems
  • Power Supply and Distribution Concepts for Fault-tolerant Systems
  • Challenges In materials for electric vehicles

Why you should visit EEHE 2023:

High-voltage technology in vehicle electrical systems offers numerous advantages for the integration of complex sensors and actuators, for control, energy management and the integration of new connectivity requirements. International experts from research, business and associations will discuss the broad topic area. The key points:

  • E/E architectures
  • Topologies and systems for hybrid/electric and vehicles
  • reliable power supply systems for automated driving and X-by-Wire
  • Domain, zonal and centralised architectures
  • Smart Architecture/Zone Architecture/Sofware Driven Architecture
  • Electric charging systems and Vehicle-to-X
  • HV safety and high voltage standards, future voltage levels (48V/400V/800V)
  • Interoperability and EMC challenges
  • Energy management in future E/E architectures
  • Electrical energy management and operating strategies
  • Control strategies for improved efficiency, diagnostics and safety
  • Connectivity, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity
  • Battery management systems and algorithms
  • Charging technologies, charging systems
  • Energy management for Vehicle-to-X