Welcome to the
International Conference EEHE 2023
June 13-14, 2023 in Essen, Germany

Welcome to the
International Conference EEHE 2023
June 13-14, 2023 in Essen, Germany

The conference language is English

Decision + selection of submissions end of 2022
Confirmations + program publication January 2023

Highlights of the conference:

  • renowned keynote speakers

  • 38 selected lectures with a strong technical focus + speakers

  • Accompanying poster exhibition and trade exhibition

  • Platform for exchange with actors + participants

Conference language
is english

The strong growth in electromobility and the associated successful market launch of highly electrified vehicles requires a rethink by the entire automotive and supplier industry. At the same time, new trends, such as autonomous driving, are developing through progressive digitalisation and the use of highly automated technologies, to which the on-board network architectures must also be adapted.

This development requires a strong commitment from companies and institutes in all components involved: from the new on-board network structures, to power electronics, to battery production.

Electrical + electronic systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, electrical energy management: What does EEHE 2023 offer?

electric systems
in hybrid & electric vehicles

electronic systems
in hybrid & electric vehicles

electrical energy management
in hybrid & electric vehicles

The design of electric vehicles or electric cars (plug-in hybrids, full hybrids, micro-hybrids and vehicles with start-stop functions, etc.) is not only confronted with advancing developments, but also with ever increasing demands on costs and efficiency. Protagonists from research and science are facing up to the complex challenge and exchanging views on the important topics of the future together over two days at the EEHE – electrical + electronic systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, electrical energy management.

Who should take advantage of the conference?

The attractive agenda of the EEHE conference – electrical + electronic systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, electrical energy management – is aimed at experts, managers and scientists as well as students working on the electrification of vehicles. A must-attend event for manufacturers, suppliers, development partners and employees of universities and research institutions. Experts who deal with
  • architectures and components for electrification, on-board energy networks, on-board systems and components
  • electric charging with infrastructure
  • electrical energy management
  • low-voltage storage
  • battery management
  • power electronics
  • E/E systems in the field of motor vehicles and commercial vehicles


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dirk Uwe Sauer
RWTH Aachen University

new investigations topics … work relevant in the fields of electronics and energy management.

Why should you definitely not miss the event?

Wherever batteries play a role, people like to talk about their limited range or useful operation time. But the battery is always only half of the problem. Reducing losses in the power electronics and innovative energy management are just as important. Less and smarter energy consumption extends ranges and operation time just as much as increasing the size of the battery. Here, the EEHE makes valuable and important contributions in the fields of electronics and energy management.

Why should you definitely not miss the event?

EEHE conference offers an ideal opportunity for substantive discussions between industry and research on all future topics relating to electric vehicle networks, energy storage and power electronics.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg Herzog
Technical University Munich

[…] get up to date on the industry trends

[…] get up to date on the industry trends

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Ottmar Sirch
BMW Group

Why should you definitely not miss the event?

The world has moved on – despite Corona, Lockdown, delivery problems, … – and a lot has changed, especially in the fields of electromobility, autonomous driving and digitalisation. In addition, rising energy costs and the effects of the war in Ukraine are forcing the entire vehicle industry to become even more sustainable and optimise energy consumption and conserve resources.

At the EEHE conference on June 13/14, 2023 in Essen, there will be the opportunity to discuss these topics and much more in a personal exchange on site and to get the latest technical information. An attractive agenda with many interesting lectures and an extremely exciting plenary discussion on “Hybrid quo vadis?” await all participants.

M.Sc. Juris Tlatlik

To what extent will future voltage levels (48V/400V/800V) play a role within vehicle technology and safety?

All three voltage levels have their specific raison d’être. 48V is a cost-effective solution to make vehicles with combustion engines more efficient and to enable new comfort high-performance consumers such as active roll stabilisation. 400V has established itself as the quasi-standard for the powertrain in electrically driven vehicles and the 800V is used where more performance is needed for charging or in the powertrain. The special thing about the EEHE is that all topics are addressed there in a bundle.

Continuing electrification demands ever new developments within high-voltage and fail-safe onboard networks. What topics will the focus be on in the future?

In the past, progressive electrification was driven by additional comfort consumers and reductions in emissions from combustion engines. With the step towards an electric powertrain, high-voltage systems became necessary in order to realise the higher outputs. Currently and in the future, the on-board network will be strongly influenced by new assistance systems and the ever-advancing automation of driving. Fail-safe on-board networks are thus becoming increasingly important. This topic is another focus of the EEHE.

new investigations topics … work relevant

Why should you definitely not miss the event?

We have put together an attractive agenda for the conference with cutting-edge presentations from vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and research institutions with the familiar two parallel sessions and will return to the excellently equipped conference venue at the HDT e.V. headquarters in Essen in 2023. There is the opportunity to discuss questions together interactively and to use the times between the sessions for networking.

Dr.-Ing. Carsten Hoff

Small but high profile conference for keeping and extending automotive contacts

Markus Demmerle
Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH

What current developments are important in relation to the event?

The next steps in power electronics (SIC – >GaN) especially for use in vehicle onboard chargers, but also in the area of drives (in electric vehicles) and associated increases in efficiency and reductions in installation space.

The further usable handling of the battery systems after the intended use (end of service life in the vehicle) – >the topic “Battery Second Life”.

Why should you definitely not miss the event?

Because you can keep up with the technical discussions with the experts on site and exchange ideas about future trends.

Small but high profile conference for keeping and extending automotive contacts

EEHE at a glance:

The international EEHE meeting on 13-14 June 2023 offers all interested parties the opportunity to expand their knowledge through 38 subject-specific lectures to make new contacts and deepen existing ones. An accompanying technical and poster exhibition will complete the conference programme.

EEHE – THE industry meeting place for the electrification of vehicles

For more than 15 years, the EEHE conference has been a permanent fixture and meeting place for experts from the fields of vehicle electrification along the entire value chain from OEM to Tier 1 and Tier 2. In addition to the professional and strategic exchange of knowledge, the EEHE also offers you plenty of space for targeted networking.

Sound know-how

Under the leadership of Dipl.-Ing. Ottmar Sirch and Dr.-Ing. Carsten Hoff, the scientific advisory board deliberates on the topics and speakers for the current agenda. The selection process is preceded by many intensive talks and discussions. As a participant, you also have the opportunity to actively contribute to the discussions at any time by asking questions or making comments to the speakers.