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Power Semiconductors SiC MOSFETs DiodesDipl.-Ing Wolfgang KnitterscheidtMicroChip
Protection of electric vehicles in the event of failure/crash by pyrotechnically activated separating elementsDipl.-Ing. Peter PöltlHirtenberger Automotive Safety
Semiconductor solution for high voltage xEVMr. Patrick LeteinturierInfineon Technologies AG
Auxiliary power supply system for Electric Power Steering (EPS) and High heat-resistant Lithium-ion capacitorDipl.-Ing. Dirk FergeJTEKT Europe
From battery management system to drive inverter - which special semiconductor devices enable and optimize the operation of an EV / PHEVGert RudolphSTMicroelectronics Application GmbH


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Sessionleiter: Dr.-Ing. Tomas Reiter

P1Usage of single-stage topologies and WBG-device-based switching for a new generation of On-board Chargers (OBCs)Dr.-Ing. André Körner
Scott E. Bauer
Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.
P21-3kW High Performance 48 V to 12 V Multi-Phase Synchronous Buck Converter for Automotive Solutions using eGaN® FETsDr. Michael de Rooij
S. Biswas, E. A. Jones, J. S. Glaser
Efficient Power Conversion
P3Optimization of electric vehicle drives by means of integrated component designDaniel KieningerRWTH Aachen University
P498% Efficient Bidirectional Buck-Boost Controller for 12V-12V Redundant Battery Systems in Autonomous VehiclesDipl.-Ing. Marco AbbondanzieriAnalog Devices