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Poster Overview

Reflex-Augmented Reinforcement Learning for new operating strategies in automotive electrical energy managementAndreas HeimrathBMW Group
Power Semiconductors SiC MOSFETs DiodesDipl.-Ing Wolfgang KnitterscheidtMicroChip
Protection of electric vehicles in the event of failure/crash by pyrotechnically activated separating elementsDipl.-Ing. Peter PöltlHirtenberger Automotive Safety
Semiconductor solution for high voltage xEVMr. Patrick LeteinturierInfineon Technologies AG
From battery management system to drive inverter - which special semiconductor devices enable and optimize the operation of an EV / PHEVGert RudolphSTMicroelectronics Application GmbH

Poster Presentations

Short presentation of posters
Session chair: Dr.-Ing. Tomas Reiter

P1Usage of single-stage topologies and WBG-device-based switching for a new generation of On-board Chargers (OBCs)Dr.-Ing. André Körner
Scott E. Bauer
Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.
P21-3kW High Performance 48 V to 12 V Multi-Phase Synchronous Buck Converter for Automotive Solutions using eGaN® FETsDr. Michael de Rooij
S. Biswas, E. A. Jones, J. S. Glaser
Efficient Power Conversion
P3Optimization of electric vehicle drives by means of integrated component designDaniel KieningerRWTH Aachen University
P410 Effects of interaction of road users with automated vehiclesDipl.-Ing. Marco AbbondanzieriAnalog Devices