Volvo Cars strategy for electrification

Volvo Cars’ strategy and approach for developing electrified vehicles is outlined together with a high level overview of the key technologies and configurations. The next solution on our journey to sustainability is the T5 Twin Engine FWD PHEV Powertrain based on the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). This concept will be introduced in little more than a years time. Volvo Cars´ will also deliver BEVs based on both the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) and the CMA in the coming years. The strategy is to offer powertrains where no contradiction exists between performance, driving pleasure and efficiency. The knowledge to launch our future products is based on experience from the current production of the XC90 T8 Twin Engine, the V60 and S60 T6 PHEVs, and on the earlier C30 Electric BEVs. The applications are modular, meaning that the same solutions fit both the new SPA Platform with XC90, V90 and S90 and more vehicles to come in the near future, as well as the CMA Platform. The charging solutions are planned to be adapted to the market needs and to the predominant standards per market, and to the need for quick charging of large batteries. We foresee in the next 10 years to see lower system costs, quicker and more convenient charging solutions, longer electrical driving ranges and higher electrical performance. We expect that electrified cars will represent more than 10% of our global volumes in the medium term, and our target is to have 1 million electrified cars on the road by year 2025.

Autor: Dr. Mats Andersson
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