EValuation – Smart-Phone App zum EValuieren des individuellen Einsatzes von Elektrofahrzeugen

Electromobility is a promising way of locomotion for eco-conscious, future-oriented users. The popularity of electrically powered vehicles increases. Manufacturers offer innovative concepts and promise their customers to reduce the operation and energy costs by buying their products. However, it is difficult to find your way in the growing but still limited supply of vehicles and drive concepts. The Smartphone application described in this article is aimed at those people who have an interest in purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, but are not able to verify themselves which kind of car on the market fits to their needs. The application is to help them take their user-specific handling characteristics, to evaluate and to provide an appropriate overview of vehicles from different manufacturers on this basis. The data is recorded during a trip with a conventionally powered vehicle. The app uses the built-in smart sensors and interfaces such as GPS and accelerometer. The data is collected over an individually selected period of time during each trip and allows conclusions on the driving behavior of the user. A recorded track includes altitude, acceleration and velocity profiles which help to estimate the individual energy consumption of each track. By optionally entering charging facilities at the end of each trip it is stated weather and how the vehicle can be charged. After of using the App for several days or even longer, the analysis processes of the data can be performed. The result given is an overview of various electric and hybrid vehicles, which fulfill the energy requirements of previously recorded tracks. The algorithms of the program do not only consider the details of the manufacturer and the declared range by NEDC but also consider inclines, the velocities and the acceleration behavior of the user, which have an impact on the energy demand and thus the range of the vehicle. Thus, the application provides a decision aid, which does not rely only on the static comparison of estimated values, but rely on real measurements and therefore offer individual results.

Autor: Philip Dost
Co-Autoren: Christoph Degner, Constantinos Sourkounis
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