Agenda EEHE 2018

12. June 2018



09:00  -  09:10

Dipl.- Ing. Bernd Hömberg
Haus der Technik e.V.

Dr. Carsten Hoff

Dipl.-Ing. Ottmar Sirch
BMW Group



09:10  -  09:30

Dr.-Ing. Carsten Hoff



09:30  -  10:10

How semiconduction can contribute for an extended electric driving range
Mark Münzer
Infineon Technologies AG

10:10  -  10:25

Parallelsession 1

Shedhalle / Raum Heisenberg

10:25  -  12:25

Session 1A
48V Systems

Location: Shedhalle
Session chairs: Prof. Dr. Ldwig Brabetz · Dr.-Ing. Marc Nalbach

10:25Predictive Coasting Strategy for 48 V Mild Hybrid VehiclesPhilip GriefnowRWTH Aachen
10:5548V at Mercedes-BenzKarsten WannerDaimler AG
11:25Forty Eight : 48v CO2 value up of vehicle auxiliary functionsGuy ThivinRenault SAS
11:55Full-Size Battery Electric Passenger Cars in a 48V EcosystemProf. Dr.-Ing. Dieter GerlingUniversität der Bundeswehr München

Session 1B
High Voltage Architecture and Power-Net

Location: Raum Heisenberg
Session chairs: Dr. Dirk Balzer · Dr.-Ing. Marc Thele

10:25Drivetrain integrated EV charging – a dedicated cost effective approach for high power AC charging in each vehicle segment and for each regionDr. Martin BrüllContinental Automotive GmbH
10:55Virtual methods for investigating system-level ripple and EMC in electrified vehiclesDr. Per JacobssonVolvo Car Corporation
11:25Examination and Evaluation of Automotive High Voltage Systems in the Frequency Range of 0-150 kHzJózsef Gábor PázmányDr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
11:55Challenges of measurement and testing of HV power systemsThomas WersalDaimler AG

12:25  -  13:55

Overview 1A


13:55  -  14:25

Location: Raum Heisenberg
Session chair: Dr. Vera Lauer

Technology for Battery Exchange-Systems
Philipp Jankowksi
BMZ Group, Karlstein am Main

Overview 1B

Raum Heisenberg

13:55  -  14:55

e-Mobility for Commercial Vehicles

Location: Raum Heisenberg
Session chairs: Dr.-Ing. Carsten Hoff

13:55Fendt e100 VarioDipl.Ing. (FH) Wolfgang BreuAGCO GmbH / Fendt
14:25Challenge and Chance for Electric TrucksNicolas du BoisDaimler AG

14:25  -  15:15

Short presentation of posters
Location: Shedhalle
Session chairs: Dr.-Ing. Tomas Reiter · Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Graf

14:25Opportunities in distributed optical fiber sensing for battery pack design and multi physical temperature measurementDipl.-Ing. Marcus KnipsRWTH Aachen University
14:35Unterbodenladesystem zur vollautomatisierten Schnellladung assistierter/autonomer elektrisch betriebener FahrzeugeSven KlausnerFraunhofer-Institut für Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme IVI
14:45Power transient robust automotive MOSFETs for 12V and 48V applicationsMr Andrew BerryNexperia Semiconductors
14:55Experiences with 12 V dual batteries in a demonstrator vehicleDr. Christina AntoniusJohnson Controls Advanced Power Solutions GmbH
15:05Development of a Mobile Real-Time Display for Live-Evaluation of Driving DataRobert FechertTechnische Universität Dresden

15:15  -  15:30

Parallelsession 2

Shedhalle / Raum Heisenberg

15:30  -  17:30

Session 2A
Discussion: 48V – an intermediate solution only?

Location: Shedhalle
Session chairs: Dr. Vera Lauer · Dr.-Ing. Marc Thele

15:3048V – a semiconductor manufacturer's viewDr. Alfons GrafInfineon Technologies AG
15:4548V Reloaded - 2020-2030Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich GrafContinental Automotive GmbH
16:0048 V – Mayflower or mayfly?Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg HerzogTechnische Universität München
16:30Plenary Discussion

Session 2B
Energy Storage Systems

Location: Raum Heisenberg
Session chairs: Dr. Hartmut Pröbstle · Peter Schmitz

15:30Smart Cell as Basis for a Flexible and Modulare Energy StorageDr.-Ing. Jan Philipp SchmidtBMW Group
16:003D Simulation and Measurement of a specific 48 V Li-Ion Battery ModuleM.Sc. Ziyi WuFH Aachen
16:30Influencing factors on lithium-ion battery module performance and efficiencyKatharina RumpfTechnische Universität München
17:00System Architecture and Control Strategy for Stationary Energy Storage Systems based on Electric Vehicle BatteriesMichaela BauerBMW Group, ETH Zurich



Zehntscheune im Juliusspital Würzburg
Klinikstraße 1
97070 Würzburg

13. June 2018

Parallelsession 3

Shedhalle / Raum Heisenberg

08:30  -  10:30

Session 3A
Power Electronics Solutions for AC Charging and Power Supply

Location: Shedhalle
Session chairs: Dr.-Ing. Tomas Reiter · Dr.-Ing. Dieter Polenov

08:30Introduction of wide bandgap semiconductors into real automotive high-power applicationsM.Sc. Steffen BolzeniusHELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA
09:00Gallium nitride technology enabling high-efficient, bidirectional on-board chargingTobias AschenbrennerContinental Automotive GmbH
09:30Increased Power Density of On-Board Charger Applications using Gallium-Nitride TransistorsNikolas BauerBMW Group
10:00High-Efficiency GaN-based 48V/12V DC-DC Converter for Automotive ApplicationsDr. Antonio León-MasichLEAR Corporation

10:30  -  10:50

10:50  -  12:50

Session 4A
Power Supply Systems for Safety Functions

Location: Shedhalle
Session chairs: Dr. Jan Lichtermann · Prof. Dr. Stephan Frei

10:50Short Circuit Analysis of Vehicle Power Supply SystemsStefan SchwimmbeckBMW Group
11:20Model-based fuse characteristics for electronic fuses in a Modelica EDS simulationLeonard GysenUniversität Kassel
11:35Environmentally adaptive adjustment of control parameters of model-based electronic smart fusesM.Sc. Selcuk ÖnalTU Dortmund
11:50Power net for automated drivinigChristian GroßeRobert Bosch GmbH
12:20ToSKa – Power Supply Topology, Stabilization and Communication for future vehicles and automated driveDr.-Ing. Björn MohrmannFord-Werke GmbH

Session 4B
Power Electronics Technologies

Location: Raum Heisenberg
Session chair: Dr.-Ing. Dieter Polenov

10:50SiC Power Components: Key Enabler for the Market Evolution of Greener DrivingDipl.Ing Manuel GärtnerSTMicroelectronics Application GmbH
11:20Silicon Carbide Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles with 800 V Power SystemDipl.-Ing. Niklas LangmaackTechnische Universität Braunschweig
11:50Fault-Tolerant Active Neutral Point Clamped Inverter with SiC MOSFETsDr.-Ing. Michael GleißnerUniversität Bayreuth
12:20High Power Embedding for tomorrow's electrical drive trainsDirk GennermannSchweizer Electronic AG

12:50  -  14:10

14:10  -  14:30

Overview 2A
Location: Shedhalle
Session chair: Dr. Dirk Balzer

Electric Vehicles – Battery technology and fast or high power charging an exciting challenge
Roland Matthé
Adam Opel AG

Overview 2B
Location: Heisenberg Raum
Session chair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg Herzog

Coupled controller and motor fast models for high speed high power actuator optimizations
Mathieu Gerber
Moving Magnet Technologies

14:30  -  14:45

Parallelsession 5

Shedhalle / Raum Heisenberg

14:45  -  16:15

Session 5A
48V Components

Location: Shedhalle
Session chairs: Peter Schmitz · Dr. Hartmut Pröbstle

14:45Performance testing: an important part of development of 48V Boost-Recuperation MachineDr.-Ing. Martin FischerSEG Automotive Germany GmbH
15:15Niedervolt-Elektrifizierung in Off-Road FahrzeugenDipl.-INg. Jan DöringZF Friedrichshafen AG
15:45Highly Integrated Dual-Voltage Boost Recuperation Machine with Standstill Power ConversionStanko GradevBMW Group

Session 5B
Energy and Power Management

Location: Raum Heisenberg
Session chairs: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg Herzog · Friedrich Graf

14:45Service oriented E/E-Architectures and the impact to the energy managementDipl. Ing. Hans Joachim LiebscherIntedis GmbH & Co. KG
15:15Risk Management in Cybernetic Energy SystemsDipl.Ing. Joachim FröschlBMW Group
15:45Adaptive Operating Strategies for the Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Deep Reinforcement LearningRoman LießnerGesellschaft für Wissens- und Technologietransfer der TU Dresden mbH

Summary and Goodbye

Shedhalle / Raum Heisenberg

16:15  -  16:25