Call for Papers

Call for Papers bis 31.10.2017

Der Upload der Themenvorschläge erfolgt über das Online-Formular.

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Die Themen

  • Systems and Architectures for Micro up to Full Hybrid Vehicles
  • Plug-in-Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrified Powertrain Systems
  • Electric Charging – Components, Systems and Infrastructure
  • High Voltage Components incl. Wiring Harnesses and Connectors
  • 48V Power Supply Architectures and Components
  • Electrical Energy Management and Operating Strategies incl. Connectivity
  • Low Voltage Accumulators
  • Battery Management
  • Power Electronics
  • Semiconductors and Passive Components for xEV Applications
  • Electric/Electronic Systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Development Tools and Methods
  • Power Supply Systems for ADAS
  • High Voltage Safety